CopenLabs – Barry Craft / Scott Williams

Ex-Copen Distributor becomes Self-proclaimed Original

CopenLabs continues to sell Unauthorized MARS III replicas

June 3, 1996, the original Bruce Copen Laboratories, established their domain name "", with an address in Fox Lake Illinois, and as their technical contact was listed the Ex-Distributor Barry Craft. September, 13, 2006, it was around that time, Barry Craft changed the domain registrant to "Susses College of Technology Ltd." with and address in Henderson Virginia.

Unauthorized MARS III Replicas

Dr. Bruce Copen, left his legacy with Bruce Copen Laboratories (Germany). Today his unauthorized replicas of the MARS III are being distributed and sold by Scott Williams, CEO



Counterfeit Logo

Barry Craft, an Ex-Distributor of Dr. Bruce Copen PhD

December 2009, we can see on the historical archives, provided by, we can see the MARS II was still for sale on the website of February 2010, we notice that the MARS II was not longer for sales, and it appears that the dealership between Bruce Copen Laboratories and Barry Craft was Terminated and Not Authorized to sell Bruce Copen Laboratories equipment. From the image you can see the MARS II was removed from the website. April 2011, Barry Craft, begins to distribute counterfeit software, under the name CARE. Barry Craft also creates a similarly confusing logo using for the first time "CopenLabs".

Homeoeonic Replicas

Same Replicas with a Different name October 26, 2015, in an attempt to reinvent itself, a new brand name was invented to sell more counterfeits. These devices are an even more obvious fraudulent fakes. All devices are made in Mexico.