Diana Brown Vykhovanets – Oberon

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Ex-Dealer gets Fired a second time and spins off Fake NLS Devices since 2017

In 2018 0 this company was fired from Vector OOO (Ltd.) Russian dealership. (see letter left). The company created a spin-off NLS device under "Oberon" - a name stolen from an Original manufacturer of NLS technology in Germany Metavital in order to make themselves look original. 

(Left) is our FB warning and the letter of Revocation that gives them NO RIGHTS to use the software or logo using the Trademark "Vector", now owner by Biostar Technology International, LLC. 

D.K.G. is operating out of Washington in USA. They are also Ex-Dealers of Khachatur Mkrtchyan (DiacomSoft.com) .

Please note this company does not own and Trademarks or Copyrights for the software they sell. 

We have many complaints about this company as they impersonate our trademarks and produce misinformation.

Ex-Dealer gets Fired and has all equipment Blacklisted

This company can seem to get it right. In 2015  - the company D.K.G operating in Washington, was fired, and all devices they sold were Blacklisted (DISABLED) by the company. There was also a claim that they owed money.