Software Copyright

Our NLS Software copyright has been registed in several countries to prevent the unauthorized copying of our software. In the United States, computer programs are literary works, under the definition in the Copyright Act, 17 U.S.C.

Proof of Registration

Biostar owns the software that is used by all of it medical devices. VectorVector Expert is now part of Biostar's core products, therefore Biostar also owns a United States federal copyright (below left) for the software that runs those devices. This software is not only protected by copyright, the source code is a trade secret owned by Biostar.

Copyright Laws Worldwide

Although our NLS Software Copyright was registed in 2010 in Russia, Copyright is acquired automatically when an original work is generated, the creator is not required to register or mark the work with the copyright symbol in order to be protected. The rights holder is granted: the exclusive right of reproduction, the right to rent the software, the right to restrain others from renting the software and the right to assign or license the copyright to others.