Corporate Profile

USA Corporation

Biostar Technology International, LLC

19425 Soledad Canyon Road, Suite 492
Santa Clarita, CA 91351
United States of America

Entity No. 201512210007 - California, USA

USA Trademarks

Biostar Technology International, LLC. Since at least as early as January 2005, Biostar Technology International, LLC has used several variations of DIACOM, BIOSTAR and VECTOR as a trademarks for its many medical devices. In addition to its common law rights in many trademarks incorporating DIACOM, BIOSTAR and VECTOR also owns federal trademark application.

Biostar has spent a significant amount of time and energy developing the goodwill that consumers associate with its trademarks, and it must police infringing uses of trademarks incorporating VECTOR for related goods and services.

EU Corporation

Biostar Technology s.r.o.
Tlumačovská 2766/26,
Stodůlky, 155 00 Prauge, CZ
European Union

IČO: 06426352

Software Copyrights

In addition to its trademark rights, Biostar also owns the software that is used by it medical devices. Because Biostar’s VECTOR biofeedback devices are some of its core products, Biostar also owns a pending federal copyright application for the software that runs those devices. This software is not only protected by copyright, the source code is a trade secret owned by Biostar that it carefully protects.