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Biostar Technology International, LLC, owns and develops software for NLS Technologies. Biostar is the only company that owns the Copyright and Trademarks to many innovative works like Vector Expert or Biostar Veritas. Its mainstream professional device is a biofeedback device called Biostar-NLS, which uses an electromagnetic noise generating field to detect the various frequencies of the human body. The latest device offered by Biostar Technology is the Biostar-Q, based on the hardware made by Bruce Copen Laboratories in Germany, a pioneer company with 70+ years of experience in the field of radionics and bio-resonance technology.

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How does Biostar Technology work?



Mr. Ulysses Angulo-Sheretov

President and co-Founder

Mr. Sheretov’s career began in 1996 during the infancy of Information Technology and spanned for over 13 years. During this time, Mr. Sheretov developed his skills as a computer programmer and network architect.

Ing. Maria Sheretova

CEO and co-Founder

Mrs. Sheretova, received her Masters in Intl Trade and Business 2014 from University of Economics (VCE) in Prague, CZ and in 2016 founded Biostar Technology International, LLC for the advancement of alternative health and technology.

Ms. Evelyne Ustarroz

​​​Vice President, Sales

Ms. Ustarroz has been using his skills to advise the alternative health industry with reputable technology rooted in biological sciences. Having experienced a rampant misrepresentation of technology throughout the world, Ms. Ustarroz enjoys being dedicated to offering medical technology for the educated consumer.

Tom Huseby

BioRes Health, Sales

Tom brings his many years of IT knowledge and leads a monthly subscriber group for the Training of Various Health technologies. Having experienced a rampant misrepresentation of NLS technology, Tom leads the crusade against counterfeiting and enjoys the sales & training of Vector XP and Vector Expert software.

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  • Biostar Technology s.r.o. Tlumačovská 2766/26, Stodůlky (Praha 13), 155 00 Czech Republic
  • IČO: 06426352
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Biostar-NLS Biofeedback and Analysis

Bio-Resonance or NLS-diagnostics aim at obtaining information about the state of your health using software and special sensors. Scan the body in real-time and instantly decode the bodies light and sound in the form of specific statistical information and recommendations.

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Biostar-NLS: Overview of Features

Biostar-NLS is a measurement instrument for a holistic, non-invasive, highly effective, pain-free, objective therapy with no side effects, suitable for all ages, for acute and chronic conditions. It is also the only device on the market using 3D targeting and color-coded graphics that it is extremely easy and intuitive to operate and with the integrated patient management system is easy to store and find all of your patient records including their history, remedies, biographical data and all test- and therapy results.

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Introducing NLS Q-Vision

The Next Generation NLS Technology Biostar Technology is the Global leader of NLS Technology. In 2019 we revolutionized the future of NLS technology by replacing the standard cup with a Quad Spin Tesla Coil we call the "Q-Cup". Moreover, the latest edition of Biostar Veritas has new settings and features to fully utilize the new Q-cup Broadcast features. Overall the Q-cup will be part of the future "Q-Vision," a transformative technology, that merges Bioresonance with Quantum technology. In addition, Q-Vision adds the new "NRG" measurement.

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Next Gereration Body Scan

All the information about the state of your body is delivered to the brain. We are using special trigger sensors which are shaped as headphones in order to connect to it (which are tuned to the same frequency). Furthermore, we use special software in order to obtain the data, to decode it and to display on the screen in the form of three-dimensional models of organs, tissues and cells. We use specific marker system to highlight their actual conditions - normal or abnormal (in total we have 6 evaluation criterions).

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Introducing NLS 3D Scanning

A technical achievement was made in 2016 in the Biostar-NLS, which opens up new possibilities and features in the Veritas Software: ‘three-dimensional scanning’ (3D). The preparation of NLS pictures for visual analysis is carried out by means of ‘3D TISSUE’ an original technology by Biostar Technology International, LLC, that allows for the future virtual multidimensional pictures of anatomic and histological structures, and marking interesting biologic tissues.

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Biostar Veritas 2019 Software Demo

Biostar Technology - NLS Veritas 2019 - is the most powerful NLS software on the market - this highly accurate software was written and produced by Biostar Technology International, LLC - Made in the USA.

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Introducing Biostar-Q  ​Advanced

Qbit Quantum Remote - Detect the root cause of your clients problems at an energetic level within seconds & get the analysis you have been missing. Learn how cutting edge quantum science can help you to look beyond symptoms and to see the whole picture and find out why health & well-being is no longer a puzzle. Featuring a Fast 10 Second "Full" Scan. Ability to Send Frequency using Scalar Waves. Available additional Veterinary Database for (Dogs, Cats, Birds, Horses). Scan for information using Hair Analysis, Includes Standard Color and Sound Balancing

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Quantum "Dual Spin" Scan

At the heart of Biostar-Q (above) lies proprietary Biflar Coil technology based upon a modified Tesla flat coil, which has the capacity to produce “longitudinal” or “scalar” impulses that can receive and transmit information through solid metal containers (Faraday Cages), travel long distances without any loss of power, as well as produce “over-unity” gains of energy.

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DNA Resonance Testing

Our non-invasive hair test using the very latest technology just requires you to send in a small hair sample and within 10 days from it being received at our lab you will have your results. Our test is the most comprehensive available testing you against over 600 items including food items such as Wheat, Gluten, Dairy, Lactose and Nuts and non-food items such as pollen and dust mites.

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LUX Super ColorTuning

Color Supertuning energy testing: Energetic level, Psychosomatic level, Regulative levels, Spinal level, 64 Full body zones, Chakras energetic system. Over 40 pre-recorded programs customized on different symptoms: Color Supertuning therapy with the 12 supertunes you can light and sound balance: Energetic Level, Causal, Mental, Emotional, Body, Psychosomatic Level, Autonomic Nervous System, Peripheral Nervous System, Communication System

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Electronic Encoded Card System (EECS)

In order to make it possible to achieve permanent storage of radionics information - and thus to simplify therapy - as long ago as 1987, Bruce Copen Laboratories introduced a new technology in the field of radionics and electronic homeopathy: the EECS Electronic Encoded Card System. On an EECS card, in much the same way as on a computer diskette, you can store all information employed in radionics.

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SuperTuning Essenz Fermented Probiotic

Super Tuning Essence is a clinical strength fermented probiotic made from plant materials. Suitable for VEGAN Diets, this Liquid food is obtained by fermentation of plant ingredients only. The new SuperTuning Essenz (Certified Organic) - the fermented natural concentrate - pure and intense, natural and vegan. 31 nutritionally valuable organic raw materials are refined by the enzymatic process of sophisticated fermentation Propaferm® process.

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AUX - Specimen Plate (TESLA) 12"

Remedy Pro Specimen Plate (12-inch or 30 centimeters) is a large Tesla Coil. Universal applications: Can be used to read Hair Samples or Large Items. Program Soil or Gallons of Water

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AUX - Pair Hand Pads (TESLA) 4”

Qbit MAX Pads (4 inch paie) each contain a Tesla Coil. Universal applications: Can be used to broadcast to apply local therapy.

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RemedyMaster (iPhone/iPad Edition)

The Copen RemedyMaster been developed for a quick and foolproof embossing homeopathic remedies - he is the perfect travel kit for doctors and veterinarians . By the handy size , the device can just as easily put into practice as during home visits.

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Biostar-Q Station Transporter (scalar wave medicine)

Biostar-Q Station TRANSPORTER scalar wave medicine, making no claim to completeness and intended to be interesting for everyone seeking new approaches towards a bloodless medicine free from side effect. Physicians and alternative practitioners working with the scalar wave devices from Biostar Technology are conveying astonishing reports: The effects of homeopathics are being transmitted wirelessly, pain is being relieved or metastases eradicated.

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Oneness Sound Assistant

Oneness Sound Assistant is a new alternative therapy which is researching the effects of low frequency sound and vibration on human health and wellness. Researchers who have studied the effects of frequency, sound, light, color, and vibration include Royal Rife with his Rife Frequencies, Abhram's Multiple Wave Oscillator, Robert Monroe with audio binaural beats, Dr. Hans Jenny and Dr. Guy Manners with their work on Cymatics, Vladimir Gavreau's sonic weapons using infrasound, and Tomatis who associates learning ability with listening ability and clear hearing. The list is endless since frequency research is a fundamental to most every subject.

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BioTuner - Sound Matrix

Technical Aspects of Voice Analysis. The technology behind voice analysis is really quite amazing. The voice is a difficult signal to analyze because it varies so much over time and is complex in nature. This is evidenced by the challenges scientists have been having in creating voice analysis software over the decades.

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SoundBiotics - Sound Therapy

BioAcoustics is the study of the energy and frequencies in our bodies and how they impact us in everyday life. BioAcoustics uses the voice to identify areas in stress within the body, and provides the complementary or supplementary frequencies to bring the body into balance. Therapy is administered by our SoundBiotics Software.

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(CME) Complex Medical Expert

Spectral dynamics can be utilized on the premise that every physical condition has its own unique signature, and by means of analyzing these signatures any physical state can be diagnosed and treated. Leveraging this theory and technology, CME SWISS AG developed Analytical Cloud System ERI aimed at helping physicians decide diagnoses, as well as screening health status by any individual and correct existing pathologies. Spectral analysis is a great example of big data’s infiltration into the medical field. While big data is traditionally a term used in technology and finance, its proven framework has potential for breakthroughs in medicine. Here’s how it works: the patient’s organs are scanned, and data is automatically compared to the data in CME’s vast database. A set of markers helps to determine the disease and either its stage or the patient’s predisposition to it.

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eSmog Balancer

The purpose of the Esmog Balancer is to help to reduce the stress loads from electromagnetic smog. The device can aid in maintaining health and improving the quality of life. If you are concerned about the health impact of current technologies including 5G, Wi-Fi, satellite, cellphone communications, and other artificially made sources of electromagnetic emissions.

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LUX Super ColorTuning

Color Supertuning energy testing: Energetic level, Psychosomatic level, Regulative levels, Spinal level, 64 Full body zones, Chakras energetic system. Over 40 pre-recorded programs customized on different symptoms: Color Supertuning therapy with the 12 supertunes you can light and sound balance: Energetic Level, Causal, Mental, Emotional, Body, Psychosomatic Level, Autonomic Nervous System, Peripheral Nervous System, Communication System

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LUX - ColorLab II (Digital)

Colored light therapy with brilliant colors Q.Light COLOR LIGHT UNIT enables the best color light treatments with state-of-the-art HIGH POWER LED technology with remote control. Q.Light COLOR LIGHT UNIT works absolutely noiselessly and saves energy.

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LUX - ColorLab III (Standalone)

The Biostar-LUX - ColorLab III (Professional) has been specially developed for experts in the field of beauty and wellness. This system offers maximum flexibility through the use of special treatment modules, yet is easy to use. The patented light source always offers the optimum, effective spectrum for various applications in the field of light and colored light treatment. The following treatment modules are available for the Biostar-LUX - ColorLab III (Professional)

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LUX Pulse Laser Watch

The Biostar NLS® Pulse Laser Watch is an innovative 3-in-l device that uses the latest research findings in the field of Low-Level Laser Therapy. It combines acupuncture, local pain therapy and external blood irradiation and becomes your ideal companion, whether at home, at work or on the go.

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Photon Bio-Modulation (PBM) Laser Helmet

Compared with other light therapy methods, our LUX laser helmet light therapy is the most safe and no side effects way for therapy. Light therapy was known in medical field for a long time, especially for the red light and infrared. All our clients feel good spirit and comfortable after using. Our device works with 810nm infrared, it can extend through the skull into the brain, offers an unique array of neurological benefits.

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Led Red Light Therapy Bed

Infrared light is used in this therapy that has greater wavelength and mass intensity. In Western countries, physicians mostly use this therapy to treat sleep disorders, mental stress and other infections. Principle of red light therapy is little specific, because it totally differs from other color therapies applied to human body.

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In early 2020, the world has lost the ability to travel for an extended period of time. Our customers on the Biostar-Q was able to adapt to this problem and do full consultations maintaining thier customers health in a remote way.

Learn about META Therapy

Improving Wellness through Bioresonance Technology

Getting a Scan

Learn about the experience of receiving a Biostar NLS Scan

How a Scan Works

Learn the basic concepts of Biostar NLS Technology

Personalized Training

Learn how Biostar Technology can help you make better decisions for the health of your clients

Spectral Analysis

The Biostar-NLS Spectrograph is a powerful tool to determine the most important information of the Body. What is "Atomic absorption spectroscopy"? Atomic absorption spectrometry has many uses in different areas of chemistry such as: Clinical analysis: Analyzing metals in biological fluids and tissues such as whole blood, plasma, urine, saliva, brain tissue, liver, muscle tissue, etc.

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Getting a Scan

Getting a Biostar bio resonance scan is a simple and in-part a quantum based process. The session starts with a small-talk in order to relax you and allow the Bioenegetic Practitioner to get to know you. Simply place a pair of headphones on while a scan is run. During the scan, subtle spectral vibrations are detected from your body and are obtained from the headphones (within is a sensor) which measures the information or background noise around biological objects.

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How a NLS Scan works

A Trigger sensor is a device that registers information background noise from biological objects. A Trigger sensor is also contains a broadband frequency generator (i.e an Oscillator diode) which is used by Meta Therapy. The Frequency generator, during the scan adjusts to resonance frequency of biological object, which allows the Biostar-NLS to get frequency-resonance characteristics in an analogue from a researched object in standard range of frequencies.

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About META Therapy

MORA-Therapy is an all-encompassing assessment and treatment modality utilizing a patient's own “ultra-fine electromagnetic oscillation”. The method had its inception in 1977 after development by the German physician Dr. Franz Morell and electronics engineer Mr. Erich Rasche from whose names the name MO-RA originated.

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Human Bio-Field

The human bio-field is a complex, structured network of fields that interpenetrates the physical body and underlies all physiology. Based on over 30 years of research and detailed mapping by the Biostar-NLS, our theory of the human bio-field can most simply be explained as an exploration of the energetic and informational structure of the body that underlies its biochemistry.

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Bioresonance Science

In the water resonance, the DNA is sending a longitudinal wave that propagates in the direction of the magnetic field vector. The vortex model of the magnetic scalar wave not only covers many observed structures within the nucleus from perfect, but also introduces the hyperboloid channels in the matrix, if two cells communicate with each other.

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Professor Meyl

Dr. Konstantin Meyl, Professor of Science and Engineering teaches the subjects power electronics and alternative energy technology at the University of Applied Sciences in Furtwangen. Being a 15-year-old pupil he already carried out the first measurements on eddy current brakes. His dissertation at the Technical University of Munich (1979), as well as his doctoral theses at the University of Stuttgart (1984) were dedicated to the three-dimensional calculation of eddy current.

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NASA Q Technology

Researchers at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory and the California Institute of Technology, both in Pasadena, have developed a new type of amplifier for boosting electrical signals. The device can be used for everything from studying stars, galaxies and black holes to exploring the quantum world and developing quantum computers. "This amplifier will redefine what it is possible to measure"

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Products Scanned

Benefits of having your products in Biostar-Q software Consider the benefits of having your products included in Biostar-Q software: Product Selection – Your customers can use Biostar-Q technology to help determine which of your products are biologically coherent with their clients. Product Education – Biostar-Q reports help practitioners consider biological coherence of your entire product line, not just a handful of your products they are familiar with.When practitioners that purchase your products include them as balancers in the Biostar-Q scans they run on their clients, good things happen.

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Certified Health Practitioners

Join the many certified practitioners working with Biostar NLS to usher in the world's next generation of healthcare As a Biostar-NLS Health Practitioner, you’ll have access to our live support, online training videos, and our library of support and marketing materials. You’ll also have access to our practitioner support team. Watch this 10 minute video to get started.....

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Information Medicine

Simple Biological facts are the basis of the method of observation you will be taught so that you will better understand the true nature of disease. Below is a list of a few Biological fast you will learn, in addition you should come to understand that most of the "medical" knowledge you have learned contradicts what you are about to read, even though all of our statement are "scientifically" proven.

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Become Certified

Biostar Technology International, offers a Certified Research Associate (BERA) designation. Owners of the Biostar-NLS and their staff are eligible to receive the (BERA) designation. This fascinating foundational course of study introduces students to core competencies of natural health practice. The BCRP program is taught from the Scientific perspective of natural health.

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Face Reading

Face Reading is a foundation course designed to introduce you with the essential grounding of Face Reading. It equips you with the requisite skills and knowledge to immediately plunge into the world of Face Reading and glimpse its astounding versatility in application. Learn how to optimize opportunities and deal with people just by knowing how to read their faces.

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Blood Type Science

Do you think knowing your blood type is only important in the event of a transfusion? Think again! Research indicates that your blood type is a key genetic factor that influences many areas of health and well-being. Throughout your life, you’ve probably observed that some people tend to lose weight more easily, while for others, their weight is an ongoing battle.

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Fingernail & Tongue

hy does a health consultant need to analyze the body based on the fingernails and tongue? The fingernails show very openly characteristics that correspond to the different organs and bodily health. The fingernail regenerates every 6-8 months and shows the onset of illness markers slowly. The tongue replaces it’s top layer every 3 days. This fast rate of regrowth can trigger immediate detection of illness, faster than any other method.

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Herbal Practice

Biostar Technology and Biostar Organix combined makes the perfect situation for any Health consultant. Herbal medicine is the art and science of using herbs for promoting health and preventing and treating illness. It has persisted as the world's primary form of medicine since the beginning of time, with a written history more than 5000 years old.

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Online Traininig

The core of the Biostar-NLS success it the training program our company has developed. Our online remote control software, allow us to cover the basic features and the software is built into every Biostar software product. We have developed training courses specifically for the Biostar-NLS, Biostar-VOX, and Biostar-LUX.

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Biostar Q vs. Zyto Products

Biostar Q vs. Zyto Products

Biostar Q's research database is produced by Biostar Technology and drives the same medical certified hardware and software made in Germany, by Bruce Copen Laboratories a leader with over 70 years of manufacturing experience. With over 70,000 instruments worldwide Biostar Q technology is proven worldwide.

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Thyroid medications recalled due to risk of impurities

Thyroid medications recalled due to risk of impurities

Thyroid medications recalled voluntarily by manufacturer after FDA issues warning to Chinese manufacturing supplier. Certain batches of hypothyroid medications are being recalled by Westminster Pharmaceuticals after one of its Chinese suppliers failed a US Food and Drug Administration inspection.

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Cereal killers: Monsanto weedkiller that can ‘probably’ cause cancer found in children’s breakfasts

Cereal killers: Monsanto weedkiller that can ‘probably’ cause cancer found in children’s breakfasts

The World Health Organization’s cancer research agency classified glyphosate as “probably carcinogenic to humans” in 2015. In the US, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) labeled glyphosate a carcinogen in 1985, but reversed its position in 1991. In 2017, California listed glyphosate in its Proposition 65 registry of chemicals known to cause cancer.

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Tropical ticks threaten to bring Crimean-Congo fever to Germany

Tropical ticks threaten to bring Crimean-Congo fever to Germany

Crimean-Congo fever is not something German residents have ever had to worry about – but that may be about to change after the discovery of tropical ticks known to be carriers of the disease. Scientists at the University of Hohenheim and the Institute for Microbiology (IMB) of the German Federal Armed Forces in Munich say they have found seven different specimens of tropical ticks, known as Hyalomma, in the northern region of Lower Saxony.

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Scientists capture the speed of death as it rages through a cell

Scientists capture the speed of death as it rages through a cell

For the first time ever, scientists have witnessed death itself moving through a cell and have measured its speed. The revolutionary finding could hold potential for the future treatment of cancer and Alzheimer's disease. Scientists from the Stanford University School of Medicine witnessed the wave-like motion of cell death and published their groundbreaking findings in the journal Science.

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Biophilia-NLS by Singularity

Biophilia-NLS by Singularity

Nowadays Due to China's hacking of the software, the counterfeit NLS software is vulnerable to injection of virus, ransomware and spyware that allows the manufacturer to view into your computer at anytime and also disable or "blacklist" your device so they are completely unusable. Unfortunately most of these counterfeiters are targeting low price buyers and many Latin American countries, sadly taking advantage of unsuspecting consumers.

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ISHA is Europe's biggest distributor of illegal software.

ISHA is Europe's biggest distributor of illegal software.

ISHA is Europe's biggest distributor of illegal software. ISHA claim on their bbChat site that OUR Vector software is the BEST and most complete NLS software they have ever seen, and they had to undercut everyone else. I guess there really is no honor among thieves. Nonetheless if you purchased Biophilia-NLS software from PayPal we will give you a letter to obtain a full refund.

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Khachatur Mkrtchyan Diacom-Technology

Khachatur Mkrtchyan Diacom-Technology

On September 01, 2016, the company "Khachatur Mkrtchyan - Diacom Technology" along with Khachatur Mkrtchyan (himself), Oleh Molyovko and Olga Slepenuk were co-conspirators to the attempted registration of a counterfeit trademark which was nearly identical that of Biostar NLS. Here is the Link to Fraudulent Trademark.

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Alex Tcherniak - Unauthorized Use Notification

Alex Tcherniak - Unauthorized Use Notification

Consumers should be aware, that this person will Troll the social groups, to spread misinformation, and untimely convince you to purchase counterfeit software. Maybe you even inadvertently purchased one, only to find out later that it wasn't the brand name product at an incredible price as advertised.

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Vector Fakes

These are Fake Vector Hardware

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ISHA/Singularity Fakes

Software Piracy

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